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It has been a gratifying experience that helped a lot with my everyday activities. I am Bipolar and this therapy helped me to recognise when I am going up or down. It helped me to slow down or to get out of bed. It really gives you tool to deal with everyday life.

26 y.o.

Very professional and practical. Alice has asked me very good questions which made me realise and see my problems from a different prospective.

34 y.o.

Very helpful for social anxiety. Mindfulness is a useful technique and it is helpful to identify and change safety behaviours.

24 y.o.

Overall the experience was challenging. Made me think more and outside of the box. I can see now why this was so beneficial. I am so glad to have met you Alice. Thank you for all you help. I just wish I came sooner. Everyone need to be able to see what they could be doing differently. Why shouldn’t you?

29 y.o.

Very helpful, in-depth and thought provoking. It helped me to reframe the way I think.

45 y.o.

Safe, compassionate, non-judgemental talking therapy. It has really helped me. Also I came at a time when I had a very unsatisfactory session before. I found therapy with Alice extremely helpful at a very confusing and dark time. I didn’t know what was happening to me and Alice talked through my worries very calmly and with compassion.

I liked being able to discuss what was on my mind without judgement. The mindfulness exercises were very beneficial and talking through my thoughts normalised them. Learning to accept them as opportunity to better myself also helped.

44 y.o.

Very helpful, really helpful, incredibly helpful. Practically applicable exercises. Completely changed the way I think about things and my daily life after 2 decades of anxiety.

30 y.o.

Fantastic! Every session really well planned together. I learnt a lot of tools and techniques to help with anxiety, sleep and overthinking things. Highly recommended.

35 y.o.